The Daily Chance is very similar to a modern day Lottery system. You submit tickets with numbers, then depending on the amount of matching numbers determines your prize. You can play the Daily Chance in either New York, or Cuba.

How To Obtain A Ticket Edit

You can obtain a Daily Chance Ticket just for playing! Every 24 hours that you play Mafia Wars, you are given a free, unused ticket. But, if you don't like to wait, you can also purchase a ticket from the Godfather for 2 Reward Points.

How To Submit A Ticket Edit

There are two ways to submit a ticket. You can either manually choose the 5 numbers on the ticket, or, you can have the computer auto-select the numbers for you. Either way, you must have all 5 numbers selected to submit the ticket. No more, or no less than 5 numbers.

Ticket Mastery Bonus Edit

Recently, Mafia Wars added a Ticket Mastery Bonus. What this does, is that it allows you to claim a reward for submitting Daily Chance Tickets. The bonuses per ticket can be seen in this table below:

Number Of Daily Chance Tickets Submitted Corresponding Ticket Mastery Bonus
1 Ticket 1 Random Collection item
2 Tickets 10 Stamina Point Refill
3 Tickets 30 Energy Point Refill
4 Tickets 1 Unused Daily Chance Ticket
5 Tickets 1 Skill Point
6 Tickets 1-5 Reward Points

DFAS=F= DailyS Chance Results == ThesSDASeF are the requirements, and prizes that you can win by filling out Daily Chance Tickets: ASDFF AS{|width="750" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1" |RDF eSAquiGHGrDemADSA Dents |DailHDHFy CDFShancSAe Prizes |-FS DFASASF |1 M atching Ball |1 A Random Special Loot item |-DF |2 MatSching Balls |1 UFSFnused Daily Chance Ticket |-FS |3 MewfSatching Balls |1 [u[Daily Chance Collection]] piece |kkyl- |4 Mdhatching Balls |8 hReward Points |-afas |5 Mafsatching Balls |100f0 Reward Points |}as


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